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Renewing Passports

Q: Can I send my application to Jamaica to be renewed if I am in the UK?


No, persons residing in the UK are required to submit their passport applications to the Jamaican High Commission. Citizens should neither send the document to Jamaica by post nor to a friend or relative in Jamaica. The Jamaican passport is a secure document and remains the property of the Government of Jamaica. It will, therefore, be confiscated if discovered to be in the hands of anyone, including family or friends, but the rightful bearer.

Q: What documents should I present if I am renewing my passport?


When renewing your passport, please submit the completed certified Application Form, original Birth Certificate or other proof of Jamaican Citizenship (Marriage Certificate, Decree  Absolute, or Adoption Register), expired passport, two photographs (one of which should be certified by the Certifying Official who signed the application form), and the relevant fees. Please see more detailed information on this website under the section entitled, 'Jamaican Citizens' and sub-heading 'Passports.'