Jamaican High Commission United Kingdom

Jamaican high commission

Passport Fees

  • First time or Renewal:
    • ADULT -  £75.00
    • MINOR -  £55.00
  • Replacement (Lost, Stolen or Damaged)
    • ADULT -  £125.00
    • MINOR -  £ 85.00 (with effect from Monday, 1st June 2015)

The fees for mailed-in-applications are payable by postal order only. NO CASH or CHEQUE will be accepted.

Applications made in person can be paid by cash or postal order. No cheques, credit/debit cards will be accepted.  


Opening times

Consular (Passport and Visa) Section:

9.30am - 1.30pm Monday - Friday

High Commission:

9.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Thursday
9.00am - 4.00pm Fridays