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Returning Residents Safety Hand Book - revised Dec. 2018

This is an excerpt from the Returning Residents Information Booklet . You may download and view the booklet in its entirety, including important import customs duty rates and exemptions.

In recognition of the need to facilitate the relocation and resettlement of those Jamaicans who return home to retire, invest, work or share experiences and expertise gained abroad, the Government of Jamaica instituted a number of procedures aimed at simplifying the bureaucratic processes. One such procedure was the introduction of the Charter for Long-term Returning Residents in 1993. 

    In addition to some general guidelines, there is specific information on the following areas:

    • Eligibility for duty concessions
    • Importation of personal and household effects
    • Tools of trade
    • The Clearance of unaccompanied Baggage
    • Importation of Motor Vehicles
    • Vital Contact Information

    Download and view the Returning Residents Information booklet and

    Motor Vehicle Policy 


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