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Returning Residents Safety Hand Book - revised Dec. 2018

Returning Residents Application Flow Chart

This is an excerpt from the Returning Residents Information Booklet . You may download and view the booklet in its entirety, including important import customs duty rates and exemptions.

In recognition of the need to facilitate the relocation and resettlement of those Jamaicans who return home to retire, invest, work or share experiences and expertise gained abroad, the Government of Jamaica instituted a number of procedures aimed at simplifying the bureaucratic processes. One such procedure was the introduction of the Charter for Long-term Returning Residents in 1993. 

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) has developed an innovative online portal  to streamline  the application process for Jamaicans living overseas  to obtain Returning Resident or Returning Student Status, respectively.   This online process comes into effect immediately and is designed to be more efficient and more user friendly. 

This new process does not require applicants to visit the Returning Residents Unit in person rather they should register on the website of the Jamaica Customs Agency www.jacustoms.gov.jm and thereafter complete the application form. Successful  applicants will be  issued  a provisional approval of Returning Resident/Returning Student  prior to their arrival in Jamaica provided that all the requirements have been satisfied.   

A summary of the steps in relation to the new online application process is provided hereunder:

  1. Visit the home page of the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) website at www.jacustoms.gov.jm
  2. Click the tab “Returning Residents” then click on the link Online Application and Booking Portal” and complete the registration form.
    1. After the applicant has registered, an email is then generated to the applicant through the online portal and creates a hyperlink to the application form.  The portal also provides a username and password to gain access to the application form.  The applicant is required to upload the necessary supporting documents (e.g.  proof of job separation, copy of Jamaican passport, proof of retirement, etc.)

4.      The application is reviewed by the Returning Residents Unit and approval granted once all the requirements are satisfied.

5.      In the event that an interview is required by the Returning Residents Unit, an appointment will be scheduled via the online portal on the website. An applicant may request an appointment for an interview if their application has been denied or if they desire to provide additional/supplementary information.

  1. An applicant may request an appointment for an  interview if they desire to provide supplementary  information. 

7.      Once approval has been granted by the Returning Residents Unit, an exemption notice will be forwarded via email to the applicant who must transmit same to their selected customs broker in order to effect clearance of their personal effects at port.

Download and view the Returning Residents Information booklet and

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