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Criminal Records Check (CRB Check)

The Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) provides police certificates,sometimes referred to as a criminal clearance certificate, to individuals in Jamaica wishing to obtain information relating to any criminal record that may be held on them by the JCF. These certificates can be prepared for both Jamaicans as well as for Foreign Nationals who lived in Jamaica for a period of time. There is a charge of £38 for this service. 

Application Procedure

You will need to provide the JCF with the following:

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs. These should not be signed or sealed.
  • Notarised copy of your passport (This has to be done at the High Commission for a fee of £20).
  • Full set of authenticated fingerprints (obtained from Scotland Yard or your regional police authority. For cost and other pertinent details, contact Scotland Yard and/or the regional police authority directly. The contact details for Scotland Yard are provided below)
  • British postal orders in the amount of thirty-eight pounds £38.00 made payable to the Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Criminal Investigation Branch.
  • Documents should be sent by recorded mail to:
  • Senior Superintendent of Police
  • i/c Technical Services Division
  • Jamaica Constabulary Force
  • 34 Duke Street
  • Kingston CSO
  • Jamaica W. I.
  • Tel: +876 922 3221 and +876 922 0125 

Content of Police Certificate

The JCF Police Certificate will contain all convictions recorded against the individual.

It should be noted that an individual is able to apply to the Jamaican Ministry of Justice to have a conviction expunged from his or her record provided that he/she has not been convicted of an offence in the seven (7) years since being convicted. This is not an automatic process.

Processing time

The JCF aims to produce the Police Certificate in 21 days of receiving a completed applications, excluding the period of transmission of the document.


You may telephone New Scotland Yard at Tel: 0207-230-2099 (except on Wednesdays) to make an appointment and to ascertain the relevant cost. The address is as follows:

You may also check with the relevant police authority in your region regarding obtaining fingerprints.