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Guidelines for the Importation/Exportation of Human Remains to and from Jamaica

Ministry of Health & Wellness - Guidelines for the Importation of Human Remains into Jamaica

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR EXPORTATION OF HUMAN REMAINS

Please note only registered Funeral Homes with licensed Embalmers will be issued with Transit Permits for the Export of Human Remains

The following documents are required to be presented to the Kingston and St. Andrew Health Department, or the St. James Health Department of the issuance of a Transit Permit/Non-Communicable Disease Certificate:

  1. Death Certificate – with the cause of death ( Required)
  2. Embalming Certificate ( Required)
  3. Autopsy Report  (where applicable)

Fee:             JA$6000


Ms. Andrea Squire  

Kingston and St Andrew Health Department,

1A Caledonia Crescent, Kingston 5

Tel:  +1876 926-1550-2

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