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Transportation of Human Remains to Jamaica

All arrangements, including the payment of expenses, for the transportation of human remains are the responsibility of the family members of the deceased. Neither the High Commission nor the Consulate in Birmingham is resourced to undertake this responsibility.

The family should:

  • contact a funeral home in the relevant country to handle all arrangements for transporting the body, including with the airline for flying the body home;
  • seek permission in writing from the pertinent authority in the particular area where death occurred for the body to be released to the funeral home; and
  • contact a funeral home in Jamaica to receive the body on arrival and make arrangements for burial.

The following documents must accompany the body to Jamaica:

  • Official Death Certificate/Post Mortem Report, issued by the pertinent authority;
  • Certificate of Release (Transit Permit), providing the name and age of the deceased;
  • Embalming Certificate, issued by the appropriate authority indicating the manner in which the body was prepared and that the coffin contains only the body in question; 
  • Statement of Assurance that the remains have been placed in a hermetically sealed (air tight) casket; or a lead coffin, in cases where persons died from communicable diseases; and
  • Permit from the Kingston and St. Andrew Public Health Department or its equivalent in Montego Bay.

If the remains have been cremated, the accompanying documents should be provided:

  • Cremation Certificate
  • Official Death Certificate/Post Mortem Report
  • Certificate of Release (Transit Permit)
  • Permit from the Kingston and St. Andrew Public Health Deparment or its equivalent in Montego Bay.

The Permit can be obtained prior to the arrival of the human remains. For additional information please contact the Kingston and St. Andrew Public Health Department at (1 876) 926-1550-2. If a Permit is not obatined prior to arrival, the remains will be examined and detained by Customs at the airport until the Permit is obtained.   

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