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Global Jamaica Diaspora Council (GJDC)


The Global Jamaica Diaspora Council (GJDC) is the successor to the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board (DAB). Its conception arose out of the need to strengthen the mechanisms responsible for enhancing Diaspora engagement and expand the reach and participation of members of the Diaspora globally. The further need to align the goals, pillars and focus areas outlined in the National Diaspora Policy with the role, function and activities of the Council was also imperative.

The framework for the GJDC was endorsed by the Diaspora Advisory Board and the attendees at the 8th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference held in Kingston, 16th – 19th June 2019.

The GJDC is one of the principal organs of the National Diaspora Policy with the responsibility to create modalities to realize the goals of the Policy. This is with a view to significantly contribute to national development in wide-ranging sectors such as:  

  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Agriculture
  4. Environment
  5. The Arts, Sports and Culture
  6. Citizen Security
  7. Development Expertise
  8. Faith-Based Community
  9. Commerce

The responsibilities of the Council include the conceptualization and recommendation of support systems and administrative initiatives to enhance collaboration between Jamaicans at home and those living overseas. In that regard, engagement with the Jamaican Diaspora remains an essential priority of the Government of Jamaica and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

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