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Do you need a visa to visit Jamaica?  Click HERE to find out.

Guidelines for Applying for your Visa

  1. DOWNLOAD a visa application form from http://www.jhcuk.org/assets/files/documents/visa-form-j.pdf 

 Fill in, sign and date the application form. Ensure that the Reference section is filled in with all of the following as applies:

•     name, address, telephone number of the hotel/resort in Jamaica;

•     name of host and address and telephone number of private residence where you will be staying in Jamaica;

•     name, address and telephone number of contact for business or educational institution in Jamaica.

 ** Please include an e-mail address on your application form for easy contact.

  1. IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK, do the following

Send the originals of all the following documents for your visa application to the Jamaican High Commission via recorded delivery.

1.            Passport (must be valid for the duration of your itinerary, NO COPIES OF THIS DOCUMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED).

2.            Original residence permit, whether it is the recent card format or a stamp in your current or previous passport (NO COPIES OF THIS DOCUMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED).

3.            One (1) passport photo

4.            Flight reservation (round trip itinerary must terminate in the country where you currently reside)

5.            Hotel reservation or proof of where you will be staying, e.g., a signed invitation letter from a friend with name, address & telephone number and e-mail address

6.            Proof of visa(s) or other permit(s) to transit countries on your flight itinerary en route to and from Jamaica

7.            Most recent bank statements for the last three months (printout with your name and address, stamped and signed by bank or letter from Bank Manager)

8.  For MINORS, birth certificate / adoption order/ custody order and Passport of parent/guardian.

9.             One (1) of the following MUST support the purpose of your travel:

  • Job letter from employer if currently employed
  • For students, a letter from your educational institution in in the country where you live confirming your status OR letter of acceptance/invitation from educational institution in Jamaica if you will be travelling to Jamaica for academic / scholastic purposes
  • Proof of ownership of business if you are a business owner or self-employed
  • Proof of Jamaican work permit letter OR work permit exemption letter from the Ministry of Labour & Social Security in Jamaica if you intend to work in Jamaica or to volunteer with a church or nonprofit/charitable organisation in Jamaica. This is also required for Internships whether paid or unpaid.
  • Letter of invitation from organisation in Jamaica if travelling for business, conference, meeting, cultural exchange or activity.

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE UK, do the following:

1.SCAN and send by e-mail the completed, signed, dated application form along with the aforementioned documents to Contact Us/Feedback and copy to Contact Us/Feedback --  PDF scans only, do not send screen shots:

  1. SEND THE ORIGINALS of all the scanned documents via courier (DHL / FedEx) to the following address:

Consular Affairs Section (VISAS)

Jamaican High Commission

1-2 Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BZ  




** The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency or the Consular Officer reserves the right to request additional documents to satisfy the visa process.

** The minimum processing time is 20 business days (after being invoiced)

** Payment: A payment voucher will be sent to you via email for you to pay the visa fee through your bank. The fee is non-refundable.

Your passport and relevant document(s) will be returned by Courier service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If approved, your visa will be valid for three (3) months from the date issued which means if you do not arrive in Jamaica before it expires, you will need to apply for a new visa.


The cost for persons who wish to extend their stay beyond the Visa Exemption period is: JM$50,000

The cost for persons who have overstayed their time, but wish to regularise their stay in the island  is JM$50,000

For specific information on visa requirements for Foreign Nationals travelling to Jamaica, please contact the High Commission at Contact Us/Feedback 

Please Note:  Countries with visa waived for 30 days must possess a valid visa issued by the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom or a State within the Schengen area.  Proof of vaccination against Measles, Rubella and Polio is also required.  

Opening times

Consular (Passport and Visa) Section:

9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m

High Commission:

9.30am - 1:00 pm Monday - Friday