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Importation of Dogs and Cats

Regulations Governing the Importation of Dogs and Cats into Jamaica

  • No dog or cat shall be imported into Jamaica except such an animal was born and breed in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. This applies to Guide Dogs also. Dogs and Cats vaccinated against rabies are not allowed entry into Jamaica.
  • Every dog or cat imported into Jamaica must be accompanied by an Import Permit Issued by the Veterinary Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Jamaica.
  • On arrival at Kingston, which shall be the only port of entry into the Island, every dog or cat shall be examined by an Inspector appointed under the Law and quarantined for no less than 14 days. If found free of any clinical signs of any notifiable disease, it may be cleared.
  • To obtain an Import Permit requires an Health Certificate, to be first obtained from your local Vet, which should be sent for certification to:
    • The Animal Health Divisional Office (AHDO) DEFRA

    • (Please visit their Website at www.defra.gov.uk for the AHDO Office in your region)

The Health Certificate should state that there has been no Rabies in unquarrantined dogs, cats or other animals in the country from which it was exported.

The Heath Certificate must accompany the animal and should be addressed to :

  • The Veterinary Services Department,
  • Ministry of Agriculture,
  • Hope Gardens,
  • Kingston 6,
  • Jamaica, W.I.
  • Tel: +876 977 2489
  • +876 977 2492
  • +876 927 0594
  • Fax: +876 977 0885
  • e-mail: Contact Us/Feedback
  • Website: www.moa.gov.jm

* Please refer any questions regarding the importation of other small domestic pets (e.g. hamsters) to the Veterinary Services Department for their consideration.

The quarantine of all animals will be at the owners expense and this and other attendant costs ( e.g. transportation from airport to nearby quarantine facility) are outlined in an information leaflet which accompanies the issued import permit. It should be noted also that the importation of these animals attracts customs duty and it is therefore recommended that owners contact Jamaica Customs for an evaluation and further information on indicative costs. Please visit their website at: www.jacustoms.gov.jm

Heath Certificates are issued:

  • In the case of Great Britain by :
    The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Animal Health Divisional Offices (AHDO) - as stated above
  • In the case of Northern Ireland by:
    The Animal Disease Control Branch,
    Department of Agricultural and Rural Affairs,
    DunDonald House,
    Upper Newtownards,
    Belfast BT4 3SB
    Room 715.
  • Tel: 0289-052-4622
  • In the case of the Republic of Ireland by :
    The Department of Agriculture, Dublin

No dog or cat so imported into the Island shall be landed if it has been in contact with any dog or cat other than a dog or cat coming directly from Great Britain, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, or a dog or cat that has been released from quarantine in those countries in respect of Rabies, and which in either case has been granted an Official Certificate from the country of origin referred to above.

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