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HC Johnson celebrates one year in the UK

July 1, 2011

In May my wife and I celebrated one year since our arrival in Britain to become Jamaica’s High Commissioner.

HC Johnson celebrates one year in the UK

We had just completed a tour of duty in Washington, D.C. and we felt very sorry at leaving our many friends and contacts there.

However, after one year in the former ‘mother country’ we are humbled by the warmth of the greeting which we have received. Thanks to all of you.

The Jamaican community in Britain, despite all the bad mouthing and recriminations, remains a strong, vibrant, well respected group and I am very pleased to be your high commissioner. As Jimmy Cliff said, there are many rivers to cross, but we have the will, and most of us are trying.

Let me apologise to those who live in regions that I have not yet visited; don’t worry, I’m coming. Let me also apologise for the inadequate facilities in the consular section in our offices at South Kensington.

Some years ago it was believed that a maximum of about twenty Jamaicans would daily come for visas and renewal of passports. Times have changed. We are now getting well over fifty every day. Since it is widely known that it is possible to have both Jamaican and British passports, everyone, is anxious to have dual citizenship. We are therefore planning to have more clinics to serve the regions and reduce the pressure on the London office.

I want to thank the officers and supporters of all those Jamaican organisations who have ensured that we were very comfortable on our trips across the country. We are seeing several new initiatives, especially our emphasis that Jamaicans must get into business. This is very important, since everyone is adopting the Jamaican brand and name and we are obliged to continue dealing with them because we don’t have enough shops, stores, warehouses, trucks, salesmen and agents to keep Jamaican exports coming into Britain.