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"Growth is our priority" - Shaw tells UK bankers

July 28, 2010

Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw says the Government of Jamaica will be pushing hard to achieve healthy economic growth during the current financial year, now that the country has achieved macro-economic stability.

Addressing a group of influential financiers, business executives and investors at a business luncheon at the Reform Club in London today, Mr Shaw said the major emphasis will be on attracting new investment to the country, which will lay the foundation for economic growth.

“We have taken some bold steps and succeeded in stabilising the economy. Now that we have economic stability, we have to go for growth. That is the essential mantra and the significant feature going forward,” he said.

Jamaica’s macro-economic plan came in for plaudits from the group which included holders of Jamaican bonds on the European and global bond markets. They expressed satisfaction with the government’s progress to date and lauded the minister for the highly successful Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) initiative which has contributed to a significant reduction in the country’s domestic debt.

Minister Shaw provided an update on the social and political situation in Jamaica, noting that the country was ripe for investment. He outlined several of the initiatives being pursued by his administration to ensure that Jamaica becomes more investment friendly, while challenging guests to explore and seize on the opportunities that exist in the tourism, agriculture and agro-processing and other sectors in the country.

Among the attendees at the luncheon, hosted by renowned banker and economist Geoffrey Bell were Alastair Bryce, Global Head of Government Coverage, HSBC; Marc Lewell, Debt Capital Markets Group, JP Morgan; Peter Charles, Head of European Fixed Income Syndicate, Citigroup; Brian Quinn, Banking Consultant and former director of the Bank of England; Jo Morris, Bluebay Asset Management; William Ledward, Franklin Templeton Investments, Silvia Montes, Associate Director, Canning House; Wilfred Emmanuel Jones, The Black Farmer, Neil Howard, Managing Director, New Jamaica Railway; David Jessop, Executive Director, The Caribbean Council; Dr. Simon Harkin, Head, South America Team, Americas Directorate, Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Rt. Hon. Dr. The Lord Gilbert, Peer of the House of Lords.

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