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Timeline: 1970 - 1979

1970 May 24, - The statue of the Rt. Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante, Jamaica's only living National Hero, is unveiled by Lady Bustamante during a ceremony at Victoria Park.

1970 December 30, - The Third World Netball Tournament opens at the National Stadium.

1971 October 18, - National Heroes' Day is celebrated with a military parade and the first investiture of purely Jamaican awards at Up Park Camp. The Rt. Excellent Sir Alexander Bustamante receives his Order of National Hero.

1972 March 2, - Michael Manley is sworn in, as Jamaica's fourth Prime Minister by the Governor-General, Sir Clifford Campbell, at King's House.

1972 April 9, - The Centenary celebrations of Kingston as the capital of Jamaica opens with a Divine Service at Kingston Parish Church.

1972 June 11, - The Hon. Michael Manley becomes Jamaica’s second Prime Minister to get married while in office when he takes his as his bride, Beverly Anderson.

1973 June 27, - The Hon. Florizel A. Glasspole, C.D., is sworn in as Governor-General of Jamaica in a colourful ceremony at King's House.

1973 May - The Government announces free education - No tuition fees are to be paid for Government secondary schools. There is to be free tuition for all Jamaicans admitted to the University of the West Indies.

1974 - Several important pieces of legislation are enacted, including the Equal Rights For Equal Pay Act, Status of Children Act, Maternity Leave With Pay Act, Minimum Wage Act, Termination and Redundancy Pay Act, Holiday With Pay Act.

1975 October - Nanny of the Maroons and Samuel Sharpe were declared National Heroes bringing the number of Jamaican National Heroes to seven. Charles Square in Montego Bay was re-named Sam Sharpe Square in honour of the National hero.

1975 May - The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is held in Kingston, Jamaica.

1976 November 1976 - Cindy Breakspeare becomes the second Jamaican woman to be crowned Miss World.

1977 August 6, - Jamaica’s last surviving National Hero, Sir Alexander Bustamante, dies at the age of 93.

1977 October 18, - Cuban leader Fidel Castro pays a six-day official visit to Jamaica.

1979 January - Jamaica is elected to serve on the United Nations Security Council for the first time.